[Scriptoris] Steppes Warlord Scribal Activities

Rosalia di Bellavita Star at ansteorra.org
Wed May 28 11:59:35 PDT 2003

Well now, it would not be a stretch unless the CoH and CoS had to try to get
something done in a timely manner, nothing new there!!! {smirk}

Annais - go next store and get Alexis stuff, she will let you.  Thank you
for volunteering to do my scroll.  It means a lot to me that you would do
the Callig.  Worse comes to worse, you can always borrow my stuff ;)

Serena - you bet we can get this done.  Thank you so much for the time you
have spent doing the research and the writting.  It was more awesome than
one person could expect.  Wow Cake!! Where was the cake?  I did not get

Hugs to you all,

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> Oh heavens, I'm not talking about rushing through these things, just post
> them to the Scribes site, whenever they are done.  That should do fine.  I
> assumed the document scroll was already done, since it was read in court,
> but guess you only gave Modius a 'reading' copy.  Please don't Rush!!
> Thanks, Hillary
> --- Star Signet Herald <star_signet at ansteorra.org> wrote:
> > I *think* so, but I will have to either get my toolbox back post haste,
> > borrow someone's callig stuff, or go buy more.
> > Annais
> > (Yes, that was my toolbox that decided it was time to go somewhere safe
> > and dry all on its own) ;)
> >
> > Quoting Diane Rudin <serena1570 at yahoo.com>:
> >
> > > Hillary Greenslade wrote:
> > >> Perhaps you can get a scan of both documents on the Ansteorran
> > > > Scribal page, in the gallery, so we can see the two examples.
> Thanks, Hillary
> > > > (or it could be on display at Ansteorran Heraldic and Scribal
> > > > Symposium).
> > >
> > > Oh, dear, I guess we have to get them done now!  Annais, Darius, do
> > > think we could have them done by AHSS?
> > > --Serena
> > >
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