[Scriptoris] Re: Backlog

Jocelyn Hinkle scribe_ari at lycos.com
Thu Sep 11 06:53:30 PDT 2003

>BTW, have I mentioned yet that I also think we need to
>limit our list to peers and royals (those of county or
>ducal rank)? Every award at grant level or below
>already comes with a scroll, but peers and royals
>often - *usually* - do not receive scrolls, so if
>we're going to work on backlog, I think it makes sense
>to start with those.

I second this. Ansteorra has a functioning source for painted charters for all non-peerage/royal awards. 
     The caveat to this would be to provide those non-peer/royal award requestors with a completed painted charter. There are multiple cases where the award recipient for some reason never gets their charter. 

Also, would we want to take on the commisions for those peers/royals who have moved into Ansteorra from other kingdoms. 


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