[Scriptoris] Re:originals

Kayci McKinley kmckinley at petra.com
Thu Sep 11 07:30:44 PDT 2003

> In addition, I believe part of the lack of artists willing to do original
> works
> for peers and nobles is our own fault, Sara.  After seeing the Laurel letters
> patent that Margaret did for me, and the County you did for Mikaela, is it any
> wonder we've scared people off?  We need to get some simpler originals done
> and
> out there so that people can see more approachable examples, something that
> makes them say, "I can do that!"
> > 
> --Serena
It IS incredibly intimidating to see some of the original scrolls that our
kingdom scribes produce.  I have definitely felt scared off from taking on
more, because, although I can design most things, my calligraphy is only
passable, and I am still working on getting my painting skills up to par.
When the rest of the Abby members are busy with other work,  I do these
myself and the end product is not nearly as good.  ( The advantage to
working in a group is that everyone does thier best thing and you get
something none of them could have done  as well on thier own)

The standard of what is expected for an original seems to have increased to
a point where it is difficult to  commit to a commision or request when you
know that another scribe out there would do a better (more elaborate) job of
it, if the person waited for them to be free.  As the artist, you don't want
the recipient to be disappointed that thier scroll isn't as "cool" as one
they saw presented to Count Whosits in court.  And as the recipient, would
you want to be the first one to get the "simpler" original?   We have
scribed ourselves into a corner, in a way.

I think that more classes on original scroll creation would be a help, but
we have to make sure not to drop those that show interest.  When I started
to find out about how to do originals ( and charter masters) ,  the
information was very hard to come by, until I happened on Sara Penrose at an
event and she took  the time to tell me what types of things I needed to do.
Luckily, shortly after that, I found the Abby and started to work with them,
which really helped my learning curve.  Originals can be very scary to try
to take on by yourself, even without the added pressure of expectations.

I think that one of the best things that we have, as far as information
goes, is this list.  It is very helpful to have other scribes at you
fingertips when you get stumped on something.

 Is there a handbook, or article out there that is a good introduction to
the steps of making an original that we can post on the site, or print off
to give to those that show interest?


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