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Lisa Baumer elenek1 at msn.com
Thu Sep 11 09:55:35 PDT 2003

I find myself checking my e-mail 3 and 4 times a day trying not to miss 
anything.  Here are some points and ideas.

Unfortunately, Doing origional work for local champion awards can be a 
necessary evil.  From what I've seen, the need to do often "Forces" someone 
to step up and try.  I myself became a scribe because it NEEDED to be done.  
Not only that but the Local Champion awards provide a chance for painters to 
try design and calligraphy (yes, I said the C word).  It really is to easy 
to just sit back and paint the preprinted awards.  It also allows 
intermediate scribes to hone thier skills.  Scribes who wouldn't dream of 
taking on Kingdom level designs are usually more willing to play a game of 
oneupmanship with themselves in the creation of local awards.  This also 
give more unknown scribes the oppurtunity to allow thier work to speak for 
them when they do not feel as comfortable tooting thier own horn in the 
Kingdom at large as the might in thier own area.  If you live in a group 
where noone but advanced scribes are doing the work what are the beginners 
and intermediates doing??   I also envy you and want to move there so I can 
soak up your knowledge.

On a lighter note.  Mahee, you are thinking of charter sizes from the wrong 
perspective.  Do not think of it as having to frame it but instead consider 
having to make them.  I do not like having to fit my work into a 10x7 inch 
box.  I've learned that the better my calligraphy got the more I liked 
larger nibs.  They show off my skill better.  If they got any smaller I'd be 
tempted to just not attempt the creation of the Armigious awards but work on 
nothing but grant level and higher.

$5 frame:

Go buy any frame you want.  Take your scroll the $1/ yard fabric section and 
find a complementary fabric. Buy spray adhesive.  Go home.  Take apart your 
frame.  Spray the adhesive to the cardboard backing.  Glue the fabric to the 
backing.  Cut the fabric one inch all the way around the outside of the 
cardboard backing.  Fold the fabric over tothe wrong side and glue down.  
When dry,  place your scroll in middle of fabric covered backing piece.  Put 
frame back togeather carefully or the scroll will slip.  When done, the 
fabric texture holds the scroll in place.  Whala!!!  It looks matted but 
without the expense.


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