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Diane Rudin serena1570 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 11 19:06:28 PDT 2003

--- Lisa Baumer <elenek1 at msn.com> wrote:

> Unfortunately, Doing origional work for local champion awards can be a 
> necessary evil.  

<description of scribal fear snipped>

Perhaps I have not been making myself clear.  I'm not opposed to prize
commemoratives per se; I'm opposed to spending more time and effort on them
than goes into awards for the kingdom.

As I stated in another post, I started out by doing prize thingummies for local
events.  In fact, they were all originals; it hadn't crossed my mind that I
could design one, make copies of it, and paint those copies to be handed out. 
I know all about doing something because it must be done.  Broiling heat,
freezing winds, ridiculous deadlines, "callig-ing" in a closet during a Twelfth
Night feast, ink-splattered clothes; I only know of two people who have better
horror stories than I do, one of which involves trying to thaw out a bottle of

But when people are putting as much, if not more, work into prize
commemoratives as they could be putting into kingdom work, something is badly

If someone asks you to do his/her royal charter of nobility, he/she is doing so
because he/she admires your work.  If you say, "No, I couldn't possibly do
that, I'm not good enough" you are belittling that person's opinion and
judgement, as well as denigrating yourself.

I did my initial original kingdom works because I volunteered to do stuff for
people I admired.  My only regret is that I destroyed myself working for ten to
twenty hours at a time non-stop.  I was impatient and wanted to do everything
at once.  I am not advocating that sort of behavior.  I *am* advocating getting
over the fear, stepping up to the plate, and going for it.

Why am I saying you all can do this?  Because I did, and with a heck of a lot
less help than any of you have available to you.  I was in the boonies, a
three-hour drive from anywhere, on a college student's scant finances, and no
one had even heard of email.

In the Bible, the first thing an angel says upon appearing to anyone is "Fear
not!"--because the person is quaking in the face of terrifying radiant glory. 
Consider this my poor effort to stand behind my works and say to you, "Fear


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