[Scriptoris] rewarding scribes

Ansteorra Star Signet star_signet at ansteorra.org
Sun Dec 28 15:37:48 PST 2003

It should not be scary at all. I get paid for my work all the time, both in
and outside the SCA. I was being paid for my work inside the SCA before I
got my thistle or any other of my awards save my AoA. I am not saying there
aren't any out there who say we shouldn't get awards for what we get paid.
There are people of that mindset around because they are.

When it comes to how each of us is compensated for our time and efforts the
final decision rest with the artist and the commissioning person. if that's
cash ... fine.... if it is a hug and a smile that's fine to, as long as both
parties are satisfied.


> I have to say that I find this scary. I have often heard that when someone
> accepts money for their work they are often times passed over for awards
> their work. Is this really true or just a harsh rumor?

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