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Ahhhhhhhhhh........oooooooohhhhhhhh......Gotcha.  Yeah.....got to do that a couple of times, and yeah....that's kinda heckacool.  ;-()  And I think we're actually talking about the same thing, just from different stand points.....either way.....it's like this.
Crown:  "Populace -- Scribe.....Scribe....Populace."  [Insert Scroll, Recepient, Grins 'Here']
Scribe:  <g> "yada yada yada" <g>
Recepient:  "I shall go forth and create a shrine unto your masterwork, O Scribe of Renown (tm)"
Spontaneous Delight ensues.  Hopefully, someone in the crowd might be spontaneously inspired to go forth and reproduce......scrolls, that is.
Spontaneous hand and neck massages ensue.  Delight ensues.  There was much joy.  {huzzah}

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	I think you may have misunderstood... .I actually got to stand up in court
	and HAND OVER the scrolls personally, because they were replacements for
	awards that were given, but no scroll ever initially given out.  THAT was
	heckacool. :-)
	-Zubeydah al-Badawiyyah
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	> But this is what I really think should be instituted in Ansteorra by
	Crowns, and continued:  handing out original (and replacement) scrolls in
	Court....and recognizing the scribes.  What if some wonderful illumination
	was done - and the illuminator was present?  Have him or her recognized.
	> ~Aslyn
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	> Best reward I've gotten for doing scrolls... handing them out in court.
	> (they were replacement scrolls, not 'new' ones... but it felt wonderful!)
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