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Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 31 15:15:24 PST 2003

Prize scroll, which are handmade, when presented during court, the only way the artisan is going
to be seen, is if they are quick enough to go up to court the same time as the recipient.  This is
do-able, we just have to get used to it (call up the scribe along with the recipient). Many prize
scrolls in Ansteorra are displayed during the day for all to see, before the recipient has been
determined.  The only problem is the prize table area is often not mentioned, so many don't know
where to look (could post in event handout, announce at morning court, during the day by heralds).

Handmade scrolls for court nobility or peerage, that is presented some time after the actual award
elevation, can certainly be presented at feast.  Better yet, it can be on display during the day,
so all can see it's beauty. This type of scroll is not a surprise as the award has already been
done, so show it off during the day.  

Cheers, Hillary 
(We'll make you an ole' pro before you know it!)

--- Claryce Orfevre <claryce at cox.net> wrote:
> Ooos and Aahs are nice.  At feast.  Or afterward.  Not in court.  ***Please***!!!!
> Courts are already considered somewhere between long, and extremely long. And they are likely to
> be longer with fewer on-calendar events, more has to be done in the official courts.  
> I like the spotlight as much as the next person (or more so), but not at the expense of taking
> up yet even more time in court.   
> Doing the presentation during feast, or any other time with a lot of people around, however, is
> something else.  
> My 2 cents
> Claryce
> (who's still very new at this scribe thing, but utterly loving it)

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