[Scriptoris] rewarding scribes

Lisa Baumer elenek1 at msn.com
Thu Jan 1 10:19:21 PST 2004

Back more than just a few years ago when I first began doing scribal stuff I 
remember the crown showing the scroll to the populace and reading the name 
of the scribe off the back as it was being given out.


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>I cede your point about Courts being unbearably long at times, Claryce.  
>But I must agree with Mistress Hillary who seems to have elaborated on what 
>I was thinking whilst wrangling my son.  Usually, I am much clearer on 
>these things.  While mentioning the scribe's work during feast would might 
>shorten Court, sadly, either many would not be present, or our attention 
>would be directed elsewhere - either on conversation or dinner.  In my 
>opinion, giving the scribe the brief attention he or she deserves *in 
>Court* along with the scroll representation is of a dual nature:  it is 
>also a symbolic gesture of patronage from the hand of the Crown that we 
>should become comfortable with (unless the scribe is just not okay with at 
>all - then of course not - I'm thinking of a couple of scribes - myself 
>included in my early days [remember those? - lol] - that you would have to 
>peel out of the corner with a crow bar - and that's perfectly okay).
>I think it should be quick - call up, "done by the hand of Lady 
>Wonderfulscribe", really really quick words, hand off, smile, hug, curtsey 
>bow, off you go.  Not a lot of time involved.
>Our newer scribes may or may not be aware that we have an interesting 
>history in Ansteorra of generating new scribal interest, generating new 
>(i.e. original) scrolls, and maintaining our scribes.  I think it is 
>wonderful that the Kingdom is looking for ways to say "thank you" to its 
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>	Prize scroll, which are handmade, when presented during court, the only 
>way the artisan is going
>	to be seen, is if they are quick enough to go up to court the same time as 
>the recipient.  This is
>	do-able, we just have to get used to it (call up the scribe along with the 
>recipient). Many prize
>	scrolls in Ansteorra are displayed during the day for all to see, before 
>the recipient has been
>	determined.  The only problem is the prize table area is often not 
>mentioned, so many don't know
>	where to look (could post in event handout, announce at morning court, 
>during the day by heralds).
>	Handmade scrolls for court nobility or peerage, that is presented some 
>time after the actual award
>	elevation, can certainly be presented at feast.  Better yet, it can be on 
>display during the day,
>	so all can see it's beauty. This type of scroll is not a surprise as the 
>award has already been
>	done, so show it off during the day.
>	Cheers, Hillary
>	(We'll make you an ole' pro before you know it!)
>	--- Claryce Orfevre <claryce at cox.net> wrote:
>	> Ooos and Aahs are nice.  At feast.  Or afterward.  Not in court.  
>	> Courts are already considered somewhere between long, and extremely 
>long. And they are likely to
>	> be longer with fewer on-calendar events, more has to be done in the 
>official courts.
>	>
>	> I like the spotlight as much as the next person (or more so), but not at 
>the expense of taking
>	> up yet even more time in court.
>	>
>	> Doing the presentation during feast, or any other time with a lot of 
>people around, however, is
>	> something else.
>	>
>	> My 2 cents
>	> Claryce
>	> (who's still very new at this scribe thing, but utterly loving it)
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