[Scriptoris] displaying the scribes work (was rewarding scribes)

Ansteorra Star Signet star_signet at ansteorra.org
Thu Jan 1 10:45:17 PST 2004

hmm recognizing the scribes and Illuminators  and letting their work be seen
in more places particularly finding a suitable venue other than the quick
flash and dash of court..... Let me think on this. I know our award charters
and even the large illuminated pages for Peerages and such tend to suffer in
regular competitions due to that minor detail of Illuminations such as we
use weren't used for documents of rank and privilege in period.

My first thought is that I should set up with autocrats at a couple of
kingdom events each year to have a display area where we can set out and
show off some of our best work for the populace to come and gawk at. no
competition just a place to show off some particularly well painted charters
(we all have those that we have an especial amount of pride in) and
originals that have been recently completed.

Would people be willing to bring out one maybe two pieces to display like


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