[Scriptoris] Scribal Handbook

Ansteorra Star Signet star_signet at ansteorra.org
Mon Jan 19 10:11:04 PST 2004

Yes I will soon be putting this part of the Scribes handbook online. I still
need to track down a few permisions before I can send it out as an
electronic publication (so nobody missed it this weekend)

The hand book HE Crystal is working on is going to be first provided to the
Regionals. it will be large and there is simply no easy way to publish it on
large scale. Local Scribal Guilds will be encouraged to get with their
regionals and arrange to get a copy of this larger resource once the
regionals have it available.

In effect we will have two Scribes handbooks. One which is almost ready to
put on the website is as Mistress Hillary described it the other will be a
more detailed resource concerning Ansteorran charters (both active and
retired), Award Structure, Scroll Text Etc. The two are complementary to
each other.

In Service to Crown and Kingdom
Darius of the Bells, OL
Star Signet


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