[Scriptoris] wording for letter of credence

N.D. Wederstrandt nweders at mail.utexas.edu
Tue May 25 11:02:52 PDT 2004

Ya'll thought I had forgotten (grin).  I had a newsletter to get out so I'm 
sorry I'm late.

Here is the wording of letters of marque (or mark) I used when the 
prototype of the Star Signet office. My mistake in that we called them 
letters of credence:  These were written and given out as letters (no 
illumination per se) sometime in 1984 (AS XV-XVI)

In as much as it is the right of the Crown of Ansteorra to appoint such 
Ambassadors as is pleasing and necessary, and in as much as Our 
subject____________, is able to reside in the Kingdom of _______________, 
it is Our pleasure to appoint her/him as Our Ambassador to _______________.
	We do charge _______________ to spread the Good WIll of the Crown of 
Ansteorra unto the citizens and the Crown of ____________, and to all 
foreign lands through which s/he may travel, and that these Letters shall 
stand as Our mark of Credence.
	We do further charge that s/he must act in all ways worthy of this title, 
and shall present her/himself unto the Crown of _____________ as Our 

(Optional Embassy clause)
	With this, We do also grant her/him the right to establish Embassy in 
________, should the Crown of ____________ approve.

	Jan 			Kenreth
approved 18 January XV
Attest Aureliane Rioghail
Star Principal Herald

People given this honor.

Dominique de Blasa to the Middle
Gordon Daffyd ap Mart to Meridees

Hillary, I can make you a copy of the original


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