[Scriptoris] looking for a knightly peerage scroll

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 12 16:04:30 PDT 2004

> --- Zubeydah <zubeydah at northkeep.org> wrote:
> I've been asked by a friend to work on a peerage scroll for his squire
> brother, who received his Peerage many years ago. I've never seen an Ansteorran peerage, save 
> for Sir Balvin's, for all of a few minutes...  I've found tons on other kingdom sites, but few 
> here at home.
> Does anyone have scanned resources that could help? 
> desperately,
> zubeydah

Ah, found another Peerage scroll done for Ansteorra, on the Yahoo Group, look for
'SCA_Scribes_and_Illumination'.  You may have to join the group before you can view the photo
area.  I consider it a good subscription group, similar to the 'Scribes at castle.org' e-list, but
this one has archives easier to search, plus the advantage of photo areas, links & data files.  

At the Photo area, check out images by Ari, formerly of Ansteorra; a Pelican scroll for Master
Modius, and also two White Scarf scrolls (not a peerage, but often treated as such in Ansteorra). 

You will note that the scrolls have little or no illumination, as that was standard with
historical actual documents; they were not books of hours.  Also, you will note that Ari used a
seal at the bottom of the scroll.  I'd have to ask her if they were wax seals, as they appear to
be created in the traditional historic method.  Ansteorra tends to not favor seals due to the
heat, then again, that is often for regular charter scrolls we avoid seals.  Ari has also been
known to use polymer clay to mimic a wax seal, so the clay version will have staying power.  

It's unfortunate, but I suspect these scrolls were created after the elevation dates, and as such
probably have not been displayed for the viewing public to see.   So, at least we have them here
online to enjoy.  

Hope that helps some.  BTW - the Godwin of Edington Knight scroll has illumination on it, and is a
large scroll.  When I get a copy to Suzanne, perhaps she will share it on this yahoo site and
submit some details about its making.   

Cheers, Hillary 

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