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Hi all,

It is time to think about Known World Heralds and Scribes, which the
glorious Baronies of Unser Hafen and Caer Galen, in the Kingdom of
the Outlands will be hosting July 22-24th 2005. We are currently
working on the finishing touches for our web site, which will
provide reservations and a link to getting rooms at the hotel.

For those of you traveling - we are 25 minutes outside of Denver
Colorado, and you can fly into Denver International Airport, or if
you are willing to drive the extra 1 1/2 hours, the Colorado Springs
Airport, which can sometimes be cheaper then DIA.

The hotel cost will be $79/room/night and you can put up to 4 people
in a room.  They have sleep number beds and a mini-fridge. Site fee
will be: $17 in advance for the entire weekend, $22 at the door. 
There are daily prices at the door of: $15 Sat and $13 Sun.  If you
interested, the hotel will provide lunch at $10/day and we will be
hosting a feast with court dancing provided by live musicians on
Saturday night.  The cost for the feast will be $24.  Children's
prices are being worked on.

At this time I am looking for calligraphy and illuminations teachers
for classes and class recommendations.  If you are willing to teach
or want a specific subject covered, please let me know and also if
you are offering to teach, please give me a general idea of when you
might be arriving and leaving (so I know how to schedule your

For many of you, I realize that this is "really" advanced notice,
but I would love to have an interesting scribal list of classes
planned and on our web site as soon as possible.

Some recommended class topics are listed below, but please do NOT
feel compelled to select one of these topics if you have another
idea that you would like to teach.

Beginner Classes
    Calligraphy 100 - Supplies and a basic hand
    Illumination 100 - Supplies, text and layout options
    Illumination 101 - Basic overview of Illumination styles, including
a discussion of scale
    Creating period colors from mundane paints and how to use them
Basic Shading - how to use your lights and darks

Advanced Classes:
    Book binding
    Vellum making
    Period Paint and Pigment - materials, making and using
    Gilding with period gesso
    Appropriate use of gold leave, shell gold, and silver
    Historical Paint Theory - materials, color combinations,
                                the meaning of certain pigments, etc
    Period calligraphy materials - making ink, using ink and quill
    Reproducing and Adapting a hand from period text
    Miniatures - (Any period could be discussed and
                                there could be several classes here)
    Celtic knotwork and creating "Period" Celtic scrolls
    Interpreting ancient texts from Theophilis and Cenninni
    Historical documents - maybe a look at how to do wax seals or the
use of them
    Conservation methods
    Calligraphic hands go with which illumination styles
    Common usage abbreviations (often Latin) used in historic
scripts Specific details on illuminations  - suggestions include
        Knotwork issues
        drawing people and fabrics
        diapering techniques
        highlights and lowlights (paint layering techniques)
    Non European topics!

Thank you all, and we look forward to seeing you in July!

Mistress Rossilin Katrin von Hohenzollern
Autocrat, Scribal Class Coordinator

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