[Scriptoris] Known World Heralds and Scribes 2005

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 4 14:09:59 PST 2005

Mistress Rossilin Katrin von Hohenzollern
Autocrat, Scribal Class Coordinator wrote: 
> Hi all,
> It is time to think about Known World Heralds and Scribes, which the
> glorious Baronies of Unser Hafen and Caer Galen, in the Kingdom of
> the Outlands will be hosting July 22-24th 2005. We are currently
> working on the finishing touches for our web site, which will
> provide reservations and a link to getting rooms at the hotel.

Ansteorran scribes - 
I highly encourage those who can, to take advantage of the Knowne World 
Heraldic and Scribal (KWHSS) classes held yearly.  This is a great opportunity
meet and see the works of some of the best scribes in the knowne (and real!!)
world.  I've been to 5 KWHSS and it's been well worth it.  

If you book early, flights are not that expensive, and sharing a room saves
on costs.  I'll be heading to the Outlands this year, so if you want to share 
a room, drop me a line, as I'll be seeking roomies.  

Cheers, Hillary 
(PS. The next best thing to KWHSS is taking scribes classes at Pennsic.)

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