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ooohh oooh...  me! me! I can teach. (waving hand energetically while jumping up and down.)
I can teach advanced classes in:
-legal documents with pendant seals
-Persian (Tabriz school) illumination

Let me know what you want. 
Mistress Ari Uisnigh

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> Hi all,
> It is time to think about Known World Heralds and Scribes, which the
> glorious Baronies of Unser Hafen and Caer Galen, in the Kingdom of
> the Outlands will be hosting July 22-24th 2005. We are currently
> working on the finishing touches for our web site, which will
> provide reservations and a link to getting rooms at the hotel.
> For those of you traveling - we are 25 minutes outside of Denver
> Colorado, and you can fly into Denver International Airport, or if
> you are willing to drive the extra 1 1/2 hours, the Colorado Springs
> Airport, which can sometimes be cheaper then DIA.
> Cost:
> The hotel cost will be $79/room/night and you can put up to 4 people
> in a room.  They have sleep number beds and a mini-fridge. Site fee
> will be: $17 in advance for the entire weekend, $22 at the door.
> There are daily prices at the door of: $15 Sat and $13 Sun.  If you
> are
> interested, the hotel will provide lunch at $10/day and we will be
> hosting a feast with court dancing provided by live musicians on
> Saturday night.  The cost for the feast will be $24.  Children's
> prices are being worked on.
> At this time I am looking for calligraphy and illuminations teachers
> for classes and class recommendations.  If you are willing to teach
> or want a specific subject covered, please let me know and also if
> you are offering to teach, please give me a general idea of when you
> might be arriving and leaving (so I know how to schedule your
> class).
> For many of you, I realize that this is "really" advanced notice,
> but I would love to have an interesting scribal list of classes
> planned and on our web site as soon as possible.
> Some recommended class topics are listed below, but please do NOT
> feel compelled to select one of these topics if you have another
> idea that you would like to teach.
> Beginner Classes
>      Calligraphy 100 - Supplies and a basic hand
>      Illumination 100 - Supplies, text and layout options
>      Illumination 101 - Basic overview of Illumination styles, including
> a discussion of scale
>      Creating period colors from mundane paints and how to use them
> Basic Shading - how to use your lights and darks
> Advanced Classes:
>      Book binding
>      Vellum making
>      Period Paint and Pigment - materials, making and using
>      Gilding with period gesso
>      Appropriate use of gold leave, shell gold, and silver
>      Historical Paint Theory - materials, color combinations,
>                                  the meaning of certain pigments, etc
>      Period calligraphy materials - making ink, using ink and quill
> making
>      Reproducing and Adapting a hand from period text
>      Miniatures - (Any period could be discussed and
>                                  there could be several classes here)
>      Celtic knotwork and creating "Period" Celtic scrolls
>      Interpreting ancient texts from Theophilis and Cenninni
>      Historical documents - maybe a look at how to do wax seals or the
> use of them
>      Conservation methods
>      Calligraphic hands go with which illumination styles
>      Common usage abbreviations (often Latin) used in historic
> scripts Specific details on illuminations  - suggestions include
>          Knotwork issues
>          drawing people and fabrics
>          diapering techniques
>          foliage
>          architectures
>          highlights and lowlights (paint layering techniques)
>      Non European topics!
> Thank you all, and we look forward to seeing you in July!
> Mistress Rossilin Katrin von Hohenzollern
> Autocrat, Scribal Class Coordinator
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