[Scriptoris] Charter Request from Crown

Chiara Francesca Arianna d'Onofrio chiara at io.com
Wed Feb 9 07:11:49 PST 2005

I believe it is a persona preference. Ulsted is very much into his
persona. Latin does not play into his. :)

Ulsted is an 11th Century Saxon, Cateau is 12th Century Norman.

HL Chiara

> Ok...I'm curious....
> Why is the Crown requesting that King & Queen being used rather than
> Rex et
> Regina?  Is there a problem with the latin form?
> Baroness Ceinwen~
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>>My Lord Star,
>>When I'd hear of the Crown's preference for specific charters
>> declaring
>>in terms as 'King and Queen' verses the Latin form of 'Rex et
>> Regina', I
>>took a quick
>>look at the scrolls available... sadly, there are few with the
>> terms 'King
>>and Queen'
>>in the text.
>>In addition to a preference of charters to paint, ...
>>a simple fix to this dilemma is to have the heralds transcribe the
>> texts as
>>they read the
>>words...so if the text states 'Rex et Regina', the words will
>> magically
>>proceed from the Heralds
>>mouth as 'King and Queen'; as has been done for Crowns of years
>> past with a
>>similar personal
>>preference to country or language.
>>Just a thought, Hillary
>>--- "Etienne de St. Amaranth" <star at ansteorra.org> wrote:
>> > To all scribes, heralds, and illuminers who may be subscribed to
>> these
>> > lists, greetings!
>> >
>> > I was asked by Her Majesty this weekend to "get the word out"
>> about one
>> > scribal painting preference.  TRM Ulsted and Cateau have
>> expressed a
>> > preference for charters that include the text "King and Queen"
>> rather
>> > the Latin "Rex et Regina".  This should not cause you to stop
>> > items or charters for which you cannot find a non-Latin titled
>> > version.  But, as you are beginning new charters, know that our
>> Crown
>>has a
>> > preference and please try to provide the desired versions where
>> >
>> > With thanks for all of your efforts,
>> > Seigneur Etienne
>> > Star Principal Herald
>> >
>> >
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Franchesca Havas

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