[Scriptoris] Charter Request from Crown

Etienne de St. Amaranth star at ansteorra.org
Wed Feb 9 07:41:55 PST 2005

The later posts by Zubeydah and Chiara were correct; it is a persona 
preference for TRM.  As Hillary noted, there are not necessarily a lot of 
options since the "Rex et Regina" is used in a lot of places but...  Her 
Majesty asked that I let the preference be known.  I believe that where 
They have the choice, TRM will choose charters with that phrasing over the 
Latin.  Where there is not a choice, there simply is not a choice.  (Unless 
of course some enterprising scribes and artists want to make some more 
charters?!  ;-)

On Hillary's suggestion concerning the words from the herald's mouth, 
Countess Sara is on this list and might share that suggestion with Master 
Modius who is the Crown's personal herald this reign.  At last Queen's 
Champion I learned that the herald reading the charters reverses the names 
and titles of the Queen and King though the charter has the text as King 
and Queen.  (I didn't know that before then.)  This is much the same 
principal if it is an approach that Their Majesties desire.


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