[Scriptoris] Award creations

Etienne de St. Amaranth star at ansteorra.org
Fri Apr 1 12:29:05 PST 2005

At 04:58 PM 3/28/2005, Emma wrote:
>In this specific case, the name and badge (if we are going to register a
>badge, I assume so) have not yet crossed my desk.  I am sure Star will be
>getting these items to me and/or Bordure very soon.  On an unrelated note,
>the name for "Arc d'Or of Ansteorra" was fast-tracked on the March LoI.

While I need to come over to Emma's one evening and do paperwork and dinner 
with our families, this does raise another note related to charters.  The 
Order of the Arcus Majoris of Ansteorra is now renamed by treaty to the 
Order of the Arc d'Or of Ansteorra (I have a signed constitution for that 
one to get Darius and Serena as well).  So adjusted charters for the 
grant-level archery order's new name will also be required.


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