[Scriptoris] the Sable Talon...

Etienne de St. Amaranth star at ansteorra.org
Fri Apr 1 12:29:44 PST 2005

At 03:29 PM 3/28/2005, Sara wrote:
>I *think* the award is actually fieldless, rather than
>black and white (sable and argent).
>I'm not sure, so perhaps Etienne can clarify for us. I
>think he's on this list, so I imagine we'll hear from
>him shortly.

I have been unintentionally out of my lists for the past week.  Rosamund 
told me there was a discussion and I wondered why I was not seeing it; 
found that and now I am reading it all.  I note a few things now (though I 
have more messages to read and may have more questions to answer).

1. I have the signed constitution document.  I will PDF and forward to 
Master Darius and Mistress Serena so texts can be completed.  My guess is 
that it will be very similar in length and style to the Sable Thistle since 
the field of marshallate endeavor is noted (just as an art or science is 
noted) in the text (and recorded in the OP).

2. The badge that will be submitted is almost exactly the same as the Optio 
in black and white.  The Optio badge had a background and an embattled 
border.  The Sable Talon is fieldless and, consequently, has no border 
defined.  The blazon for the badge is:  "(Fieldless) An eagle's leg erased 
à la quise sable."  The eagle's leg is identical to the one on the Optio 
badge except that it is black.

3.  The Sable Talon is an award and it is not an order in any way, shape, 
or form.  Think Sable Thistle for marshallate activities (which also 
includes equestrian activities) and you have the right mindset.

Star Principal Herald

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