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It has been a long time since I copied the first scrolls as Star Signet. I 
first used that "vellum"-look paper and an office copier. That's how I found 
out that the toner scratched off after a bit of handling and the paper was 
not the best quality. You will probably get some good suggestions from more 
recent scribes, but one good bet is to take your work to a Kinko's or other 
well-established copy shop and tell them what you want to do with it. 
Acid-free, archival paper, if possible and something that you can paint onto 
without moisture from the paint wrinkling the paper . They know their paper 
and printers best and I'll bet they can help you.

Mstrs. Zinaida

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Thank you to both ladies who have so kindly responded! However I
believe my question was not clear. The illuminations are already DRAWN,
and the calligraphy done. However, we wish to make copies of them so
that the original black-and-whites are not painted on directly. I am
asking what, specifically, is the kind of paper that Ansteorra uses
when making 'copies' of scrolls for painting?

With Joy in Service,

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