[Scriptoris] Need discription of the Sable Talon Badge

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 21 17:14:05 PDT 2005

--- francis.schalles at ttuhsc.edu wrote:
> Greetings Noble and Gentle Persons,
> I need the description of the Sable Talon award so that I may assist the
> recipient in producing a badge. Any help will be honored greatly.
> Troye de Leon
> Western Cross Herald,
> Barony of Bonwicke. 
Thanks everyone for posting answers to this request.  
Emma's image of a sable talon is also a good one, but be aware that the College 
of Arms may require a change on any badge that is currently in the works. 
The insignia appears, from the Ansteorra Award Texts, to be based after the badge, 
to be work as a medalion, pendant or pin.  

To produce a badge as a medalion, it would be a black talon 
(foot with some feathering still attached). 

If the design is a pen and ink variation, such as on a wooden disk, 
then probably some of the background color would show through the lines 
of the feathers or skin, so as to show definition, such as the image that 
Emma presented.  The designs I've seen on paper, show the background paper 
through the feathers/skin, so they have been essentially black and white/beige.  

I've also seen some holders of the award use a toy or joke plastic talon, 
hung off a belt or neckcord...which frankly makes me think of voodoo charms 
(but to each his own).  

In the past, the Herald's office has had a deputy in charge of creating and 
providing insignia to the crown, via educating the public on how to make them or 
making them themselves.  Most times that deputy is attached to Star Signet and
scribes (guess it's the making things and giving them to the Crown relationship). 
I don't believe there is currently such a deputy position, if interested perhaps
you should contact Star Principal, Medb or myself.  
Cheers, Hillary 

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