[Scriptoris] Need discription of the Sable Talon Badge

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 21 17:17:03 PDT 2005

--- francis.schalles at ttuhsc.edu wrote:
> Greetings Noble and Gentle Persons,
> I need the description of the Sable Talon award so that I may assist the
> recipient in producing
> a badge. Any help will be honored greatly.
> Troye de Leon
> Western Cross Herald,
> Barony of Bonwicke. 
While this question was in regard to the insignia, I want to advise that 
I currently have one new Sable Talon charter scroll with the potential of a second
on the way.  If anyone wants to design a Sable Talon scroll the specifications are: 

Type of Award: Award of Arms
Badge: None yet registered
Charter:  size 9" x 12"

Know ye that we 
___(when possible leave full line for names)____
 King and Queen of Ansteorra 
in consideration of prowess in the field of 
___ (category to be entered) ______________ 
do by this our Charter award unto 
______(leave full line for recipient name) ______
the Award of the Sable Talon of Ansteorra
with all responsibilities and privileges 
thereto appertaining.  This is so done and 
give in our 
________(full line for branch name if possible) ___
on the ___ day of ___ Anno Societatis ___ being 
Anno Domini ____.  

King (Rex)    Queen (Regina)

All the above is found at the new Ansteorran Award Texts 
document found on the Heralds and Scribes pages: 
(second item: Award Texts)

Cheers, Hillary 

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