[Scriptoris] Fwd: [Scribes] Ecclesiastes update

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 9 16:30:04 PST 2005

Scribes of Ansteorra, 
Wanted to forward to you a webpage of a handmade book by an SCA artisan from 
the Middle.  Ranthulfr has created a digital document of his steps in creating this 
vellum book, something I'm sure we all aspire to.  
Check it out, Hillary 

--- Randy Asplund wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I have been really busy making pigments from all sorts of things, and 
> finishing the calligraphic stage of the Ecclesistes book I am making. To 
> refresh your memories, that is a book I have been commissioned to make 
> on parchment with all authentic materials and techniques, including 
> paints. The style is of the early 8th c. Northumbrian Lindisfarne Gospels
> Anyway, the calligraphy is done, so I have updated my web page on it 
> with a few new pictures. If you bookmarked it before, you need to 
> bookmark the new location. It is now on my regular web site, at:
> http://randyasplund.com/browse/ecclesiastes/ecclesiastes.htm
> Ranthulfr

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