[Scriptoris] Scribes Guild reports from Southern Region wanted

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 21 09:48:08 PDT 2006

If you are hosting a scribes guild group or are a scribe-at-large in the Southern region, I'd like
to hear from you on the happenings in your area.  Please drop me a line on your guild meetings,
contact persons, folks active and what you guys are up to.   This information will help me as Star
Signet better support your efforts and know who to reach for info sharing.   

The Southern Region has been without a Scribal office for nearly a year now.  If you are
interested in holding this post, it's not terribly difficult, you get paper and scroll masters to
make copies for charter to be painted up by guilds in your region, and to keep a log of how much
goes out and how much comes back in.  You are also encouraged to host a few charter paint
gatherings in your region, to educate new scribes on painting charters.  Also, you can encourage
new scribes on how to begin creating original scrolls - you don't have to be the best calligrapher
and illuminator, but maybe you can keep a list of resources that are available for new scribes to
chat with.  Also, you only have to send in a report once a quarter - easy.    

So, if anyone in the Southern Region is interested in being the regional scribal deputy - please
contact me.  

Many thanks, Hillary / Star Signet

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