[Scriptoris] Insignia sampler set being created - please send donations of your work

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 21 10:12:01 PDT 2006

The Sable Scroll deputy collects insignia from the various kingdom artisans, and includes them
with the award scrolls presented to the Crown whenever new award recipients are selected. 
Generally, the populace only gets to view those really spiffy insignia works when they are gifted
out to awarded gentles.  As an artisan it can be difficult to know what have been successfully
created for insignia if you don't see varied samples.  

I'd like to create an 'Insignia Sampler', that can be used to educate artisans on the
type/media/formats of insignia that has been created through the kingdom; which may serve as
inspiration to create new quality and more quantity of insignia for Ansteorra. 

Weavers - if you weave Iris or Star of Merit ribbons, and have some leftover samples not large
enough for a full insignia ribbon, perhaps you can send the sample to me for display.   If you
have enough fiber length, maybe add the connector ring, so others may see how it's done.  

Medalion makers - I've seen insignia medalions of glass, metal, wood, leather, bone, amber - such
variety - and I'd love to include a sample of each of those items.  

The insignia donations will be stored in something like large scrapbook pockets and will note your
name as the creator of these pieces of art.   The display can be taken to events and used to
educate other artisans.   

If interested in donating to this project, please send items to me by post (see address info back
of the Black Star under Deputy Herald) or hand them to me at any event I'm attending (future
progress:  Crown, Loch Soillier, Gate's Edge, Bjornsborg, Rosenfeld, Roses Tourney).  

I look forward to sharing the variety and beauty that Ansteorra has to offer, 
Regards, Hillary Greenslade,  Star Signet 

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