[Scriptoris] Champion/Prize Scrolls or Historical Reproduction/Interpretations??

Kaithlen Hamilton kaledain at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 28 11:27:24 PDT 2006

Here is my personal two cents on this topic. For
display purposes or populace vote competitions, our
SCA champion or prize scrolls are fine, after all
these orignal scrolls are works of art and deserved to
be viewed and enjoyed. But from a historical
perspective they are a legal document that would have
very limited illumination if any at all on them. When
I am doing a piece to use in a competition to become a
groups A&S champion or something like Gulf War or
Laurals Prize, I try to use period text that would
possibly have been illuminated. Keeping the text and
illumination in the same time frame and region so that
there is as close to a historical match as possible
through out the piece. One of the things we are judged
on is if what we have created would have been done in
period. Using an SCA poem or story as the text would
be no different then using period text. I follow the
style of historical illumanted pages in my work rather
then coping them exactly.

Kaithlen Hamilton
(M.K.A. Alicia Hargreaves)
Barony Bordermarch
Kingdom of Ansterroa
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