[Scriptoris] Champion/Prize Scrolls or Historical Reproduction/Interpretations??

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 27 17:41:38 PDT 2006

Here's a question to chat about for a bit.  
What are your thoughts on entering scrolls for branch and kingdom competitions?  
Or for something where the event is more a display, such as Laurel's Prize Tourney, or a body of
work display?  

Should your scroll entry be in the format of an SCA Prize or Champion scroll (such as a King's
Champion scroll with Ansteorran Award Texts)?
Or should it be in the format of a historical reproduction or interpretation, not necessarily SCA
in theme; possibly using a period poem, song or even SCA bardic work as the text, instead of
duplicating a historical text?

Please share your thoughts, 
Cheers, Hillary - Star Signet

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