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Well, since more than Mistress Hillary are supposed to be talking ;o), that's exactly the
technique I used on my brown horse's flank in my Maciejowski piece....if anyone still has
access to Kingdom A&S pictures, then you can see it. He's the horse on the ground - and
the one that everyone comments about. So, a really useful technique when your parchment
color matches the highlights!

Although if you're using parchment, then make sure it's stretched or tacked down REALLY
well, because that amount of water will otherwise warp your parchment!

Baroness Oriana

--- Hillary Greenslade <hillaryrg at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Scribes, 
> I'm tired of seeing only posts come from me!  and only posts about meetings and
> guidelines!
> Let talk about scribal arts! Yeah! 
> Painting techniques - 
> I took a class at KWHSS 2005 in Atenveldt on a few painting techniques.  I don't
> remember them
> all, will try to find my handout tonight and share them.  If you guys have any to share
> - please
> do.   Let's see this list be about education as well as information on scribal stuff in
> kingdom.  
> Lifting the Paint: 
> * Identify the section you want to paint. 
> * Paint the section with a light coat of water. 
> * Paint the section with regular mixed paint. 
> * While the section is still wet, dry the bristles of the brush by sqeezing between
> fingers (I
> also sqeezed between paper towel), and lay down on section where you want to lift the
> paint back
> up.  Don't place the brush back on the section or you will just lay back down the
> pigment you
> lifted, but squeeze again, then lift.   
> * You have to work fast, or the pigment will have absorbed into the paper and not lift.
> * As the painted section dries, you can rewet with water a bit, and re-lift... but take
> care, as
> rewetting too many times, the paper begins to pulp.  
> This technique can give the piece the illusion of highlights, but in fact it's the
> white of the
> paper showing through the thinned pigment area.  Try it!  
> Next up??
> Cheers, Hillary
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