[Scriptoris] St. John's Bible in Tyler, Tx - June 9 - Sept 3rd

Carletta da Nicolosi carletta_nicolosi at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 5 10:29:50 PDT 2006

Just as an addition to this note, while in Tyler, check out the Tyler Public Library and see the scribal display in the glass display case on the 1st floor.  Thanks to HE Hillary and Lady Nuala for their generous sharing of "tools".  
  The Program Director of the Library allowed the scribal community to participate with the Museum and St. John's Bible in a display for the months of June and July.  Hopefully, this coupled with a Workshop in Illumination, 6pm June 27th at the Library, will generate some additional interest in the art we all love so much from those who are not presently participating!
  In Service, 

Hillary Greenslade <hillaryrg at yahoo.com> wrote:
I know Lady Carletta from Rosenfeld will keep us posted on the happenings at this great exhibit,
but meanwhile I pulled the following off the internet: http://www.tylermuseum.org/

I'll let you read the details for yourself, but this Bible is completely made with vellum, in the
historical processes with handmade materials and often tools. Yes, the illuminations maybe a bit
modern, or post-period, but still beautiful to behold - and this exhibit will not be in Ansteorra
again, if ever - so plan your schedule accordingly and head over to Tyler this summer. 

Also, check out the special events with the exhibit, that include lectures from some of the best
professional calligraphers and artist currently: 

Cheers, Hillary
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