[Scriptoris] St. John's Bible

Felicia Forder feliciamccann at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 5 13:58:17 PDT 2006

  Although I have seen the SJB three times, once at St. John's when it was originally brought to US, and twice when it was at the Minneapolis Institute of Art, I will be taking a day out of my trip to Plano and KWHSS to go see it again in Tyler..it is that good! Each time you see it you walk away with more knowledge and awe. If any of you who live in TX have the opportunity to see Diane van Arx when she is in Tyler on the 9th and 10th..(this Fri. and Sat.) she is a wonderful instructor, lecturer. She is a friend, instructor of mine and a fellow Minnesotan.
  I will have the book Illuminating the Word, with me at KWHSS, it is by Christopher Calderhead who will also be lecturing in Tyler. In addition I will have Explicatio Formarum Littearum the Unforlding of Letterforms (lst to 15th Century). By Rutherford Aris with design and layout by Diane von Arx. (psst..I'm the nun ! )
  Your in Service,
  Felicia von Finsterwalder

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