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Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 2 10:01:25 PDT 2007

Greetings Heralds and Scribes of Ansteorra, 
  The Knowne World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium for 2008 is set to be in Drachenvald, specifically in London, England.   
  If you think you maybe interested in attending, there is a Yahoo group to share the information about the event, traveling to Europe, money exchanges, all the details at: 
  KWHS_08-subscribe at yahoogroups.com
  Cheers, Hillary

baberuth153 <jennyemson at gmail.com> wrote:
  To: KWHS_08 at yahoogroups.com
From: "baberuth153" <jennyemson at gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 02 Aug 2007 15:55:06 -0000
Subject: [KWHS_08] London Bulletin

        Greetings all,

This is the first in a series of emails in the run up to the Known 
World Heralds and Scribes symposium, September 2008, in London.

The aims of these mails are to help you prepare for the conference, 
prepare for your trip to the UK & London and generally make the trip 
as easy as possible.

They will cover everything from some general information about the 
UK, to history, sightseeing, what not to miss whilst in the UK and a 
lot in between. 

Copies of all the links and emails will be posted on the symposium 

So where to start?

Well firstly, let's go for some information about the UK & London:

The UK has a population of 58 million and has the third largest 
population in Europe (after France & Germany). Because of its 
relative size, it is one of the most densely packed countries in the 
world. London is the capital of the country and has a population of 
7.5 million people, again making it one the most dense cities in the 

The majority of the population of the UK is white British. However, 
with the decline of the British Empire over the last 60 years there 
has been an increase in the mix of ethnic groups in the UK, centred 
on major towns and cities. Indeed London has thriving communities 
from countries across the world. Many recent arrivals to the UK are 
from Poland and Eastern Europe, following the inclusion of many of 
these countries in to the European Union in 2006. 

This means you can now find foods and restaurants from all the 
cuisines of the world in London (to the improvement of the general 
cuisine of London some would say); your cafe and bar staff are now 
more likely Polish than Australian.

The official language of the UK is English however, within the UK 
there is a wide variety of local accents and dialogues and the 
thriving communities mentioned above mean that especially in London 
you can hear around many different languages and accents - 
especially on public transport!

The weather - well the UK has a reputation for having terrible 
weather, and whilst we don't often get Mediterranean summers, we 
also don't tend to get Nordic snow storms either. The average 
temperatures range from around 77 Fahrenheit in the summer to 35 
Fahrenheit (we're officially metric, but often still think in `old 
money'. It is true the Brits love talking about the weather! 

In the UK the currency is the Pound Sterling which appears as UKP or 
GBP or with the pound sign £. The pound consists of 100 pennies (or 
pence), often just shown as lower case p - i.e. 4p (4 pennies). 

The majority of shops and restaurants take credit and debit cards 
theses day although it is often sensible to ask in smaller 
establishments. Some places will not take American Express or 
Diners Club, but MasterCard or Visa are normally fine; again, it is 
best to check. Some of the larger more tourist-oriented shops in 
London will take dollars or Euros but this will be clearly shown.

I think that is enough for the moment! So I shall leave you with 2 
very useful websites about the UK and London


Regards to you all

Edith of Hedingham

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