[Scriptoris] Gulf War '08 Scribes Point seeks teachers!!

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 19 15:12:27 PST 2007

  I realize all of you are busy in the last days of Christmas, but at this time, 
  NO classes have been submitted for the new Scribe's Point tent. 
  Please let me know if you wish to teach a scribal class at Gulf Wars 2008.  
  Remember, Teaching also counts as Volunteer Points!
  Happy Holidays, Hillary, GW08 Scribe's Point

Hillary Greenslade <hillaryrg at yahoo.com> wrote:
The 17th Gulf Wars event 2008, will offer something new at Scribe's Point - 
a Teaching Tent! 

Teaching Tent:
Just outside the traditional indoor Scribe's Point building, will be a teaching tent, ready to teach up to 20 seated students with tables, chairs and a white board. And, as it's outside, it's also available for messy classes. 

Classes - 
Time to get those class bids in pronto, no hesitating, fill up the schedule. 
If you want your class listed in the site book for the A&S Collegium, please send class information BEFORE the Deadline, Dec. 30th, 2007 to the Scribe's Point Coordinator at: 
scribespointXVII at gulfwars.org

I realize time is very short, but I'd like all scribal classes finalized by Dec. 28th, so I have time to send them to the A&S class coordinator by Dec. 30th., If you want to be included in the site booklet. 

Classes suggested: 
* Calligraphy: basics on materials, various hands and scripts, 
* Illumination: various illumination styles, countries, formats, anything from Celtic Knots to Acanthus leaves, Oriental and Mid-Eastern.
* Layout and Design: how to get started, margins, tools and how to use them (Aimes Letter Guild). 
* Materials: Papers, Inks, Pigments, brushes, Quills - how to make them, use them, maintain them. 
* Scribal related classes: Papermaking, bookbinding, paper marbleing
* Tips and Tricks: Framing ideas, How and why to use a mat board, carrying cases, making a scribes desk. 
* Kingdom Specific Classes: Your kingdom scribes are at war... go ahead and offer kingdom specific classes, warranting classes, how things are done in your kingdom... maybe the rest of us will get some ideas from your kingdom standards. 
... that should fill up the week, huh!

Info needed for classes: 
You can fill out the online class forms found at this link, and send e-mail it to me. 

Or look at the Gulf War Website>Activities>Arts and Sciences>Classes 
to find the forms: http://www.gulfwars.org/

If you need to send hardcopy, act fast! For hardcopy, request the address. 
FAX is ok, too, please request the fax number. 

I'm so excited we have our own class tent... we have been working for this space for a number of years... so let's fill it up with Scribe's Classes all week long! 
If you miss the deadline, please still send in your class proposal, we can always add it to the on-site schedule message boards. 

Oh, yeah... don't forget, Teaching also counts as Volunteer Points!

Looking forward to Gulf Wars 2008 at Scribe's Point...
Cheers, Hillary Greenslade, 
Gulf Wars '08 Scribes Point Coordinator
scribespointXVII at gulfwars.org

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