[Scriptoris] Paper: Anyone have specific details?

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Wed May 23 16:06:23 PDT 2007

Greetings Zubeydah, 
  The paper details are probably also in the archives, but I didn't want to look them up...so...
  For the smaller quantity a local branch may need for prize or order scrolls from time to time, scribes may want to consider getting a better quality paper, verses the paper the kingdom can afford for charters.  
  These are the text weight papers currently being used by the regionals: 11x17 size
  * Neenah brand, Classic Linen text weight 80lb., Baronial Ivory color, linen pattern embossed surface
        (this paper has been used for multiple years, well tested)
  New approved papers:
  * Domtar brand, Proterra text weight 70lb, Sandstone color, smooth surface with small specs and some brown tints, resembling vellum skins.  
  * Fox River brand, Howard Linen text weight 70lb, Warm White color, linen pattern embossed surface. 
        (this is the same paper as the cover stock paper used recently, but tested well in the text weight, is less expensive than the Neenah brand, with similar look and feel.)
  The heavy weight paper that was recently used: 
  * Fox River brand, Howard Linen cover stock (I believe it was 80lb weight), Warm White color, linen pattern embossed surface.  (Ansteorra will not be using in future due to it's inconsistency with calligraphy ink bleading in some regions)
  The two new papers, Proterra and the text weight Howard Linen are now available by most of the regionals or will be soon.  These papers were tested for ink and paint quality and were selected by popular opinion as I took the samples around the kingdom for scribes to check out.  As scribes begin to use them this next year and Sable Scroll to put names on them, please keep Star Signet advised of their success or any issues with them.
  These papers are not generally available at Kinko's or the hobby shops, only through a paper supply house.  Not all of these papers are available in stock at 11x17 sizes, rather they are mill-orders thus requiring the purchaser to buy a full package (22x35 size paper at 1200+ sheets), which are then cut down to 11x17 size.  It's possible you will not be able to find a small set of 11x17 papers for a baronial award for upcoming events from a paper house, but you may be able to find smaller sizes, such as 8.5x11, in stock.  
  This is a bit long, so I'm posting how to do copying on quality papers in a second post. 
  Cheers, Hillary
  zubeydah at northkeep.org wrote:
    I know that I have the information on the specific brand / weight / color paper 
that we use for Ansteorran charters at home, but I'm at the office with an 
urgent need for this information... (I'm hoping to print some baronial awards 
on the same type of stock, since I'm familiar with how that paper takes paint)

Can anyone help me out?

- Zubeydah

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