[Scriptoris] Paper: Anyone have specific details?

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Wed May 23 16:18:37 PDT 2007

  Zubeydah,  and all, 

  What I may suggest instead of using charter paper, per your request, is to use the high quality papers from the art supply stores, or Michaels/Hobby Lobby, such as Arches, Strathmore, Fabriano, and others.  You can sometimes find them in single sheets or pads of paper.  Ansteorran scribes have used these papers successfully for original scrolls for years.  Scribes tell me they like the Strathmore #400 Bristol board (115lb weight) or the Strathmore #400 Drawing paper (80lb).  I like the Fabriano Artistico (90lb or 130lb), personally.  It's all a matter of trial and error to find the papers you prefer.   Make sure your paper says it will take ink and some may say for watercolor (few will say gouache), and a smooth surface (or hot-press surface) with little texture.  
  Cut the paper down to 11x14 or less, and then take them to Kinko's to request a hand-feed or straight-forward feed through the copy machines, so these heavier papers are not curled. For large quantities of hand-feed paper, Kinko's may charge an extra service fee.  A number of Ansteorran Scribes Guilds have told me they use this process successfully to provide mass-produced, high quality scrolls for their local branch.   After the copying, then paint and touch up. 
  Tip - Do the calligraphy for your master in ink, but put the illumination in pencil.  The copy machine process will print the pencil lines in lighter toner, which you can then use as a guideline to re-ink the design with permanent ink, so the scroll has a more 'original' look.   Then paint as you would a charter and present.   
  Tip2- If you present your scroll in a frame, remember to include a mat board to keep the artwork from touching the glass.  Try to get your branch to include the cost of frame and mat in the prize budgets (frame $5.00, mat $2-3.50). I regularly look for good quality frames and mats on sale, sometimes you can get each for $1.00.
  One of the scrolls at Bordermarch Baronial had serious condensation issues when it was removed from the auto, and the glass began to fog up.  Luckily, the scribe had used a mat board separating the artwork from the frame, else all her hard work would have been for naught.  Is she had not used a mat board, the moisure could easily have made the paint run and smear.   
  Tip3 - If the scroll is not framed, always provide a large envelope to send it home with to protect the artwork.  
  Hope this helps, Hillary 

zubeydah at northkeep.org wrote:
  I know that I have the information on the specific brand / weight / color paper 
that we use for Ansteorran charters at home, but I'm at the office with an 
urgent need for this information... (I'm hoping to print some baronial awards 
on the same type of stock, since I'm familiar with how that paper takes paint)

Can anyone help me out?

- Zubeydah

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