[Scriptoris] Kingdom's Roll of Arms

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 9 12:20:23 PST 2007

>From the Medieval Trivia Yahoo group, 
  Enjoy, Hillary
  The Caidian Roll of Arms has just moved to it's permanent home
http://roa.sca- caid.org/ index.php.

For anyone who is interested below is the current list of Kingdom Rolls of

AEthelmearc Roll of Arms http://www.aeherald s.net/rolls/ index.php

Artemisia Roll of Arms
http://www.artemisi arollofarms. com/index. php

An Tir Roll of Arms http://badger. cx/heraldry/ roll

Atlantia Order of Precedence http://op.atlantia. sca.org/

Caid Roll of Arms http://roa.sca- caid.org/ index.php

Calontir Armorial http://www.geocitie s.com/dakea

Drachenwald Armorial http://drachenwald. rollofarms. org

Meridies Armorial http://pennon. org/

Northshield http://northshield. rollofarms. org

Outlands College of Heralds http://wharrow. outlandsheralds. org/

West Kingdom Roll of Arms http://rolls. westkingdom. org

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