[Scriptoris] King's Round Table in January 2008

Star - Ansteorra star at ansteorra.org
Fri Nov 9 07:23:56 PST 2007

Heralds and Scribes,
I just received word that the next King's Round Table will be held in
the Barony of Bryn Gwlad.  As such, there will be a plenary meeting of
the College and a heralds' warranting class.

For the heralds' plenary meeting, I would like all the officers to
give a brief overview of their office and raise any issues that
currently pertain to that office (if any).  I would ask Star Signet to
also attend and give a report on the College of Scribes.  Also, if you
are have items you would like discussed that don't pertain to your
office (or if you're not an officer and have something to discuss)
please send them to me and I will include them on a topic list.  If
you are a "project deputy", please also be prepared to give a status
report on your project(s).  I'm going to ask for 2 hours on the
schedule for this meeting.

During the heralds' warranting class, I will be available to sit down
with anyone to go over topics in more detail, or to have other
discussions that you would like to raise with me.

I will also be attending the College of Scribes' meeting.

In service,
Alden, Star

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