[Scriptoris] Scribal Thankyous and word fame from Fall Melees

Kaithlen Hamilton kaledain at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 20 07:28:06 PST 2007


I would like to thank all those who helped with the
scrolls for Fall Melees. Lady Libby who did the
wonderful illumination on the Bardic Scroll. Lady
Lillian the Poetess for the Youth Bardic Scroll. Lady
Ellen the Quiet of Bordermarch for all of her hard
work on the Shakey Knees, she painted most of the
scrolls that were given out this year. Lady Lisabette
for her assistance in writing names on scrolls. Lady
Sabine and Mistress Hillery for their assistance at
scribes point through out the day. I would also like
to thank the two musicians who sat in the corner of
the pavilion providing wonderful music for us to work
by, it truly made the day fly by. I would also like to
thank those who helped to remind the fighters to come
by and leave their names. Thank you to all who stopped
by to ask questions about what were doing and for
those who sat and painted throughout the day. There
were also two wonder full pieces of illumination
included in the A&S display one by Lady Ellen the
Quiet and one by Mistress Hillary.

Thank you all for a wonderful weekend.

Kaithleen Hamilton
Principal Scribe
Barony Bordermarch

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