[Scriptoris] Creating original scrolls for the Kingdom

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 27 15:44:26 PST 2007

Greetings Scribes, 
  Lately, I’ve had a few offers to create the original kingdom champion scrolls from scribes who have not yet created an original scroll; even though they have shown great skill at painting charters.
  While Star Signet may or may not accept your offer for a commission, it’s generally best to create your first original scrolls at a local level, to give you the practice and experience skill set, before attempting the creation of a scroll at the kingdom level.  
  Here are a few suggestions of projects that you can work on to get that experience for creating original scribal artwork: 
   Get a sketchbook and begin drafting illumination images   
   Thank you notes for your local branch officers  
   Invitations to your next local branch event.   
   Prize scrolls for your next local branch event.   
   Original scrolls for your branch local awards  
   Original scrolls with poetry or scripture for an art competition  
   Original scrolls with poetry or scriptures for a fund raiser  
   Practice your calligraphy by writing letters to family/friends or writing a journal
  Don’t wait till a few weeks before the event to create original scrolls, go ahead and make them now, when you are not rushed and you have time to do your best, focused work.  You can turn in the scroll now, and let your local scribe’s guild build a supply in advance of the need, similar to the painted charters for Crown awards, but as originals.  Be sure to check with your local Scribe’s Guild first, to make sure you are using the right texts and requirements or your work may not be acceptable.  
  Once you begin creating original work, be sure to retain a digital and/or color copy of the pieces for your portfolio, in a scrapbook or online.  You can store your images on your own website, blog or photo archive; or send them to the Scribal Webadministrator for inclusion on the Ansteorran Scribe’s Gallery.  
  Then, when Star Signet says ‘I’m not familiar with your work’, you will be able to show your gallery so Signet can make an informed decision when placing the next scribal commission for an original scroll.  
   Cheers, Hillary

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