[Scriptoris] September Rosenfeld Scribal Guild Meeting

Carletta da Nicolosi carletta_nicolosi at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 26 09:32:02 PDT 2007

  On Tuesday, September 25th the Rosenfeld Scribal Guild met and we had six (6) members of the Populace in attendance:
  Milady Alessandra
  Lady Carletta
  Lady Eithene
  Lord Ricciardo
  Baron Tostig
  Milord Wolfger
  Rosenfeld Scribal Guild members have completed 20 charters so far this month.  We still have a few days left to bring that number up, so keep painting those charters!
  The winner of the September Charter Contest will be announced October 1st.  It is a close race again this month!  The prize is a book titled "Celtic Illuminated Manuscripts".  For those of you who are still painting for this month's contest, I will be collecting the remainder of the September Charters at the next Practice/Populace Gathering in the Park.  Remember, anyone needing blank Charters to paint, please contact me and I will get some to you.  
  This month's meeting was a continuation of the use of dry pigments.  Those in attendance  got another opportunity to use mixed dry pigments to paint scrolls.  Everyone is so pleased with their results, they want to continue to use dry pigments when possible.  
  Our Herald, HE Baron Tostig, was in attendance and assisted several members with their badges and devices.  Also, we all got a chance to view his work on our devices being used on the Rosenfeld website.  It is WONDERFUL!  Everyone seems to be delighted in how the devices are turning out and having fun picking mantle colors, etc. 
  Next month the meeting will be October 30th and there will be a Class on using "Gold Gilding".  Supplies for this class will be provided at no charge.  Mark your calenders now and make plans to attend.  Your few hours can make a big difference to our Kingdom's Award needs.
    Again, "Thank You" to everyone who made the effort to come out and participate in the Rosenfeld monthly Scribal Guild and to those gentles who paint the much needed Award Charters.  As always, we had a laugh filled, fun evening!

  Until next we meet, safe journeys.
  In Service,

                                                        Lady Carletta da Nicolosi
  Rosenfeld Scribal Guild Principal

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