[Scriptoris] A Request to Northern Scribes and Illuminors

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Just as an aside, if you can CC me on the information that you provide to HL Lillias, I would appreciate it! 


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Subject: [Scriptoris] A Request to Northern Scribes and Illuminors

Greetings! While I am familiar with many of you whose names and ideas
regularly grace my inbox, I am not sure of how many of you reside
within the Northern region. I am hoping to get to know all of you, to
better assist you, and further our arts!

Would those of you who live in the Northern region please email me
privately (at macguffin at hailmog.org ) with the following information.
If I already know you, I would appreciate a reply to the following
anyway as I probably don't know all the details. :) 

Your SCA Name:
SCA Group you play in: 
Calligraphy/Illumination experience: (Charter painting, any experience
with original designs.

Do you have any interest in learning to do original designs for
charters or kingdom scrolls?

Are there classes you have taught or would be willing to teach? Are
there any classes you would like to attend if they were taught? 

Does your local group have a scribal guild? Do they have local
Do you host/attend those local meetings? (When/where are they).
If your group does not have a guild, do you think they might have
interest in starting up a guild? 

Are there any charter painters/calligraphers etc. local to you who may
not be on this list but deserve to be mentioned?

Please feel free to add anything relevant that you also think should be
mentioned or discussed, or ask any questions you have as well! 

Thank you!

with joy in service,
HL Lillias MacGuffin
Northern Regional Signet 

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