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Wed Jun 4 19:06:58 PDT 2008

Don't forget!

Classes are available for people interested in scribal and 
insignia-related subjects at both King's College and AHSS this month!

Samples of these classes include:

King's College -
Making Paints from Pigments
Illumination and Charter Painting Techniques
Inkle weaving for Beginners
Getting warped
Pewter Casting
Coin Minting


Introduction to gold leaf and gold leaf technique
Easy Tricks for Illuminated Detail Work
Lillias MacGuffin
Application of Designs (Detail Work Part 2)
Making Paint From Pigment (Repeat of class from Kin'gs College)
Beginning Calligraphy
Scribal References
Bar Borders, Vines and Leaves
Papers for Scribes
The Insular Miniscule Script - How to Write like an Irish or English 
Cutting and Use of a Quill Pen
Award Cord Making

Many of these classes are limited to a set number of students, so don't 
forget to register early!
Have you registered yet?
How about now?
Don't wait too long!

See you there!

Star Signet

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