[Scriptoris] Greetings from the incoming Sable Scroll

Reed, Paula M paula.reed at okc.gov
Mon Nov 2 19:03:36 PST 2009

Poklon ot Branislava,

This post is to serve as a brief introduction and also to beg a boon of the artists of Ansteorra.  

It is my great honor to have been chosen to serve as the Sable Scroll for the duration of TRH Owen and Genevria's reign.  I would like to encourage everyone to send in award recommendations (sounds a bit masochistic given the nature of this office) for those you think deserve recognition.  If you don't know if someone has a certain award, check the Order of Precedence at http://heraldry.ansteorra.org/OP .  Not only is this a great resource to see if someone has a certain award, it also assists you in obtaining the correct spelling their name in the majority of cases.

To the scribes of Ansteorra, I would ask that you please focus on the painting and submitting of AoA level award charters.  There is always a need for AoAs, Thistles, Cranes, Comets and Talons as there are so many Ansteorrans deserving of these awards.  Bored of painting charters?  Speak with one of the scribes or artists that you admire and see about creating an original scroll for someone you care about.  

Equally important is the need for insignia for the various awards.  We are in need of insignia of the medallion-type mainly.  If you have skill in pewterwork, leatherwork, ceramics, enameling, embroidery. woodcarving/burning, mosaics, repousse and chasing, bone/horn carving or any other art/craft that can be applied to the creation of a medallion worn about the neck, please consider donating some of your talent and time to this endeavor.  We need Sable Thistles, Sable Cranes, Sable Talons, Sable Comets, Rising Star and Compass Roses.  If you have skill in the areas of cording, braiding and weaving, please consider creating some of the insignia that is work as an armband or garter.  These include the Star of Merit, Iris of Merit, Centurion, Sable Falcon, Queens Rapier and Kings Archer.  Get creative, get inspired, get motivated and create something special for someone who will cherish it, wear it and perhaps pass it on with pride one day.  For an excellent introduction to Ansteorran award with examples please visit http://scribe.ansteorra.org/insignia/index.htm .

I thank you for your consideration of these requests and look forward to serving our Kingdom and Their Highnesses over the coming months.  If you have any questions regarding any of these matters, please feel free to contact me.

K vashim uslugam,
Ly. Branislava Kirilova Volkova

"There is no shame in not knowing; the shame lies in not finding out."
~ Russian Proverb

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