[Scriptoris] Scanning Large Images?

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You can get a good result if you use the right camera.  A point and shoot digital will not do.  You really should use a copy stand, but short of that you can improvise your own.  You will need a 35mm SLR with lots of megs, and a tripod.  Make sure that your image is completely parallel (and flat!) to your camera and that your image completely fills the screen.  Defeat your flash and use two strong light sources coming at it from both sides at a converging angle.  Use the macro function on the shortest lens you have.
Good luck!

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Subject: [Scriptoris] Scanning Large Images?

Question for all you talented artists! What do you do when you have an
image larger than a flatbed scanner?

I did one piece that was too large to fit, and tried scanning it in
segments, then patching it together in Photoshop. That didn't work out
too well-- the colors from one quarter to another would be off, etc.

I tried taking a picture with my camera, but all of my pictures looked
like photos of a picture. :o)

I tried visiting my local printer (which shares office space with the
local newspaper) to see if they were able to scan large images, but it
turns out the printer only made physical printing plates, and all the
newspaper had to work with was small flatbed scanners like my own.

Any other ideas? I have some more large pieces in progress that I'd
really like to get captured before I get them framed.

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