[Scriptoris] Use matboards on presented scrolls

Deanna della Penna estencele at gmail.com
Tue Apr 27 11:08:30 PDT 2010

Sorry for the delay! My hard drive crashed, so I'm horribly behind on
everything that involves a computer. :o)

Looking through my email, my last batch ran along the lines of:

(75) 11 x 14 double mat (top layer cream pebble #34, bottom layer
antique gold #134, 1/4 inch border) with backing boards = $1.55 ea

It ran to $116.25 for the double mats with backing boards, plus
another $12.95 for shipping, for a little under $130 total.

The people that I had bought mats from last failed to renew their
domain, so I don't know what their new site is... if I had to make a
guess, I think they've turned into http://www.ezmats.com/ , but don't
hold me to that. If that's the case, their prices have gone up about a
dime in five years, but you can also save a lot by downgrading from a
double mat to a single. But that's just to give you an idea of how
bulk online prices compare to buying them in a store.

Hope that helps!

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