[Scriptoris] Starting a Scribal Guild... yay!

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First, CONGRATULATIONS on starting your Guild!    

The Rosenfeld Scribal Guild meets once a month and like the Stargate Scribal Guild, focuses on painting Charters. Our Guild Leader attempts to enable anyone who would like to participate 
in the painting of Charters throughout the Shire, to be able to do so with any assistance 
they need or would like.  Also, the Guild Leader encourages and assists 
all who would like to try original works and several of our Scribes have
  produced some beautiful original scrolls.  Periodically a class will be taught on Calligraphy or some specific painting technique such as white-work, diapering, burnishing gold, flourishes, borders, or How To on other various subjects as well as the sharing of books that any of the members might have in their libraries with each other such as Books of Hours the Charters are styled after.  

This year at our annual Demo, the Rosenfeld Scribal Guild will exhibit finished, framed works from our members as well as have artisans working on specific illuminated pieces throughout the day.  The Guild Leader encourages the Rosenfeld Illuminators and Calligraphers to participate during a Demo with "hands-on" projects they might be working on at the time.

The handout that Mistress Hillary addressed about Starting and Maintaining a Scribes Guild is a really good resource.  Lots of ideas and tips to help you along the way.

Good luck with your new Scribal Guild and have fun!


Carletta da NicolosiShire of Rosenfeld

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Stargate Scribes Guild meets twice a month.  Guild meetings are predominately focused on painting charters. We also use the guild meetings to work on prize and award scrolls for upcoming Baronial events.  From time to time, I'm able to bring in a DVD to show-n-tell some scribal technique, or show images from a museum.   Also, we try to plan field trips a few times a year to a library or museum; such as to the Univ. of Houston rare books department in the library to view the historical manuscripts they own.  When Stargate hosts a demo, the Scribes Guild provides calligraphy of the patron's name to show the skill set, as well as a display of scribal arts, framed.  Lastly, we offer classes periodically, on calligraphy and illumination skills; and plan to invite teachers from neighboring groups to visit and teach.  

You may also want to check out a short handout I created some time ago with some ideas on 'Starting and Maintaining a Scribal Guild'; a few ideas, certainly not all the things you can come up with, but might spark some thoughts for how to keep your guild interesting and not just charter painting all of the time.  Go to Administration, look for the article 'Starting and Maintaining a Scribal Guild'.
To start a 'formal guild' - check with your Northern Regional Signet for suggestions. 

Cheers and good luck, Hillary (Stargate Scribes Guild Principal)

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Greetings Fellow Scribal Combatants!
Some of the Ladies in my area have expressed interest in starting a formal scribal guild.  We have consistent meetings/practices with a fairly nice turn out.  I was curious to hear from other groups on the subject.  
Do you have a formal scribal guild or not? Has there been a difference for your group or the work that is put out? Are there common trouble areas to avoid?
Also, I’m curious whether the information on the scribal site is up to date.  If not, could someone forward the most correct version of requirements needed to start & maintain a scribal guild?
I appreciate everyone’s time.  Have a wonderful day!
Ly Shanna “scribal is my combat” Camber
Barony of Wiesenfeuer
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