[Scriptoris] To Past Star Signets and Sable Scrolls...

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Hi, again,
Sorry I replied to the list when I probably should have sent this privately. 
However, what we look for in charters is no secret. As Hilary noted in her 
reply, I have written an article on designing scrolls that goes over a lot of 
issues that have been problems with charter designs and solutions for those 
problems. When I wrote the article, which was originally my charter design class 
handout, I had in mind many issues that had come up in the past with various 
charter designs that could have been improved. There have been many talented 
artists who have donated their time to creating charters for the Kingdom and all 
of their work is appreciated. However, since we use photocopying so that scrolls 
are always available at the time that awards are given, there are some quirks 
that are involved with the printing of the charters that those doing original 
charters may not know about. If you want to design charter masters for printed 
scrolls please read my article on the Scribal Website. If you want to do 
original scrolls those are always welcome as well. The approved scroll texts are 
posted on the website. It is preferred that you use the approved texts. You 
may write your own text, but it must be approved by the College of Heralds to 
make sure the wording is acceptable. 

     Thank you to all who paint, design or otherwise help to supply award 
scrolls for our Crown and populace.
     In service, HE Mistress Stella Silvana 

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Hi Stella!

I wanted to get the take of past Star Signets and Sables on what we look
for regarding Kingdom charters.  What to do vs what to not do.  How to make
sure the charter you paint gets used.

We have had some issues with it and I want to start 'teaching' about this
to groups to help the situation.

In Service to the Dream,

Lady Viviana Rowntree
Star Signet Herald
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