[Scriptoris] Ultra Fine Calig markers or pens

Elaine eshc at earthlink.net
Sun Dec 11 17:26:42 PST 2011


I am also reminded from my dim and misty past of having to double  
stroke and fill in the empty space when I had only a monoline marker.  
It's like having a monoline marker like a Sharpie or a ballpoint, and  
double stroking the letter to give it the "shading'" that broad-edge  
pens only can do without help. Maybe you could use one of the  
previous email's recommended monoline markers that way.

Think about doing a Versal in which double stroking (for the broad  
parts of the letters) is used. and the interior is done in a  
different color or has decorations in the "hole". You could do it on  
a smaller basis and then fill it in. I would suggest that the second  
line should begin inside a  previously done one, so you don't have to  
clean up a bump on the outside line, and you can keep the letter's  
edges "crisp."

You have to consider the average viewer's distance from your  
lettering, like in a book (18") or a wall (3-5 feet). Too thin a thin  
dissolves visually if it is at a distance, like on a wall, and that  
makes the thicks look chunky. Yuck....  Too thick a "thin" and it  
begins to look like "tagging" on railroad cars. For my choices, I  
prefer calligraphed letters with thin "thins" and visually moderate  
"thicks." Very elegant.

Reproductions, depending on the kind, can shrink to non-existent or  
enlarge to disgusting the lines that look good on the original. Test  
with a proof copy  before committing to a large ($$$) printing, OK?  
Just a little advice from one of the older "monks in the scriptorium"  
who only lettered the t-shirts for the visitors.
; - )

Bon chance!
HL Lete

On Dec 6, 2011, at 7:33 PM, Vyolante Oporto wrote:

> Greetings unto the List!
> I'm in need of some very very thin line producing calligraphy nibs,
> pens, markers, whatever works!
> I'm trying to do a bolder font in very small print and its just very
> hard to read with a 1.3mm "Extra Fine" calig marker.
> All referrals are appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Vyolante
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