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If you are looking for a marker, Azel carries a fine point 005 marker. If you are going to need something that fine on a consistent basis, you could invest in a set of drafting pens. The 000 & 0000 pens can have clogging issues though & sometimes require an ultrasonic to clear them. For myself, I have not had much success modifying nibs & all I've ever ended up with is a mess -- the project & myself! 

If you modify a nib & are successful, I would be most interested to see your thoughts on the subject posted.

Good luck with your project.

Yours in service,

Lady Fionnghuala the Fair "Nuala"
Barony of the Steppes

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On Dec 7, 2011, at 11:15 AM, Donald Whitney <dwhitney98 at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Vyolante,
>  If your going to shape metal nibs like this, you can get a very fine edge using a corrundum nail file - available for $10 at department stores.
> This is similar to the corrundum blocks professional jewelers use to sharpen gravers for engraving on metal, which requires a very fine edge (but the cost is a lot less for the nail file).  If you don't have access to that, you can try 1000 grit or finer sandpaper, but be warned that putting this on a buffing wheel would probably distort the shape you are going for.
>  The bifocal headset is ok (especially for detail work and if your going to be doing it for a while - I have 2 sets), but you could also use a jeweler's loupe (10x magnification) to check the nibs.
> Silvius, unlettered, but knows a thing or two about metal and rocks
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>> Subject: Re: [Scriptoris] Ultra Fine Calig markers or pens
>> Gentles, please be kind. You are reading advice from an amnesiac who 
>> doesn't even know which age she's in, much less the year!!
>> When I needed a small nib, I would sometimes take a pointed pen nib 
>> (like Spencerian writers use) and shape it on a fine hone like knife 
>> blades are sharpened with as a next-to-the-final polishing. The steel 
>> nib was sharpened in the same way I did large (read "thick") quill 
>> ribs, including the bevel at the tip.
>> The bevel and the angle the pen point is held when making a stroke is 
>> what makes the fine lines. (Please note: When I sharpened nibs, I 
>> used a double lens jewelers bifocal headset that I got at a gem show. 
>> It doubles as a nifty help as a splinter-getter-outer.)
>> With those nibs, I have written Humanistic Minuscule in readable 
>> letters at 1/20th of an inch high. Some oldtimers may remember my 
>> small lettering in one body-of-work grouping I did some years back. 
>> Tiny writing was used of necessity in Period books called "sixteenmo".
>> (Try this site for sizes: <http://cool.conservation-us.org/don/dt/ 
>> dt0434.html> )
>> I never had much luck honing down the markers. They just flayed out 
>> and made a mess.
>> Besides all kinds of "found" feathers, I have also written with other 
>> tools shaped like quills are cut, Actually, it's kinda fun to see 
>> what I can make into a tool. I have used everything from tongue 
>> depressors and popsicle sticks and bamboo fence trimmings to dry 
>> twigs I picked up, used-up tea bags (mushy, cloud letters), and even 
>> sharpened fingernails! This doesn't count the reverse lettering for 
>> woodblock prints.
>> Experimenting is very edifying even if it isn't SCA "Period". 
>> Besides, who's to say some monk high from the herb garden didn't try 
>> some weird tools on the sly himself!! ; - )
>> YIS,
>> HL Lete Bithespring, Steppes
>> PS For those who obsess about "ye olde termes" for all kinds of 
>> measurements---
>> http://www.hemyockcastle.co.uk/measure.htm
>> Enjoy!!!
>> Lete
>> ................................
>> On Dec 6, 2011, at 7:33 PM, Vyolante Oporto wrote:
>>> Greetings unto the List!
>>> I'm in need of some very very thin line producing calligraphy nibs,
>>> pens, markers, whatever works!
>>> I'm trying to do a bolder font in very small print and its just very
>>> hard to read with a 1.3mm "Extra Fine" calig marker.
>>> All referrals are appreciated.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Vyolante
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