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Mon Nov 7 07:38:46 PST 2011

I wanted to share some answers to well-asked questions regarding the Talon
Charter competition.

*Documentation* -  Documentation is not required. However, it would be
lovely for you to cite the piece or pieces that inspired you on an index
card or bring color copies with your submission.  Information about the
concept and colors to use, etc are placed at the bottom of the scroll.

*Scroll Specifics *
1.  Finished Scroll Size is 9x12.  This means the design and calligraphy
must stay within those parameters.  Think of it as a finished size to be

2.  Paper - please either something with body or, if you need/require
lines, a graph paper, as it will copy without the lines.  Keep in mind that
copies need to made of your design.   Also, make the paper larger than
the required 9x12.  As mentioned above, information is added to the bottom,
below the design.

3.  Please ink the finished design with water resistant ink.  Keep in mind
the width of lines/design elements that may not copy well (see notes below).

If you wish to present a completed scroll as well as the inked design, feel
free.  If you have a specific idea on the colors to use, remember to put
those notes at the bottom of the scroll.

4. Calligraphy - For those of you who do both calligraphy and painting, I
recommend using a hand that is "period" to the design concept.  Meaning, if
your design concept came from the 1450's, use a hand that is from that era
as well.

Again, if you do not do Calligraphy or design, find someone to work with

5.  Text - I know this was sent out but for those who need it again, here
is the text for the scroll:

Know ye that we ______ King and Queen of Ansteorra in consideration of
prowess in the field of _____ do by this our Charter award unto ______ the
Award of the Sable Talon of Ansteorra with all  responsibilities and
privileges thereto appertaining. This is so done and given in our ________
on the ______ day of ______ Anno Societatis ______ being Anno Domini

For those of you who are new to designing scrolls, please make sure to
leave the blanks which are underlines in the above text.  Remember, some
have names that are quite... lengthy.  So keep this in mind as you design
your scroll.

*Comments for new Charter Designers*:
For anyone who is new to creating an original design, here is my crash
course of things to keep in mind.  As the saying goes, there are more than
one way to skin a cat.  So, my way isn't the right way, 'tis simply things
I learned along the way.

A.  Draw out a 9x12 box first.  Use this as your basis for your design
and calligraphy.

B.  Depending on your design idea, it may be smarter to lay out
the calligraphy area first before planning the design.  This way you do not
make the text too small.  And you want to make sure to leave the blanks
large enough to accommodate the text of months, names, etc.

Do not forget to put  REX  and REGINA at the bottom of award text and make
sure to leave the Crown room to sign.

C.  Use pencil first!   Once you are satisfied with the design size,
details, etc, then ink the design onto
your finished paper.

D.  Keep in mind that some details will not copy well.  If the detail is
too small, it won't copy as well and may be hard for the average Charter
Scribe to paint.  I would suggest you make one copy at your pencil stage
and see how hard some of your details are to copy.

Always feel free to contact me with questions or, if you would like, send
me your design concept.

I look forward to seeing everyone's scrolls!

In Service to the Dream,

Lady Viviana Rowntree
Star Signet Herald

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